Back in Action!

So the Escape Pod is finally completed and ready to sail out of the middle of NC. I've got a new crew member on board... My buddy Paul who has come from the west to help get things going. First stop is Asheville, NC. We are setting up shop including, but not limited to: Screen Printing, embroidery, Vinyl decals, merchandising, promotions, and what ever the hell else we want to do. Our plan is to set up, make the loochie, then bounce west... and it's going down. Find us at Basscenter Asheville!!!

Escape Pod with the new trailer... mitigating the vagrant path to freedom.


Updates from the road.

We decided to travel the PCH down the California coast to LA, then on to Joshua Tree, CA. Here are some scenes from along the way:

Joshua Tree at Dusk with the full moon peeking from behind the Rocks.


Our Campsite at Joshua Tree

Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA

Freeway Art in LA

Our new fellow drifter friend Leo.. slept in our car in Venice Beach. He gave us dress shirts and we kicked him down a HEMD shirt.

Street artists. Venice Beach

Sunset on Santa Monica

Venice graffiti walls


Along our 12 mile hike in the mountains north of Santa Barbara

This guy just sat there like he wanted to be photographed! 

Beautiful Morrow Bay, CA


Near our campsite, Morrow Bay

South of Big Sur

Apparently I make a good cat bed.

Corn in His element.

Big Sur!

Our tour guide "Juice" on top, and our lovely models below a sweet waterfall that drops into the ocean. 


Our secluded secret beach.

Quite a hike / climb / repel down to the secret beach. Don't lick that Fawn!!

Treehouse Tanning sesh.

Juice's secret treehouse hideaway built by naked hippies (no joke).

The Famous bridge headed toward Big Sur.

Midnight Acupuncture sessions.

Corn + cupping = pain

Corn getting creamed
Yes. This is legal.

Corn + top hat + Fat Tire = Peeing on stuff.

Overlooking the Mission district. San Francisco.

This little guy was a bit too curious. 

Golden gate at Dusk.

North of San Fran below Mt. Tam.

Mt. Tam... Look close and you can find the Corn.

Park above Berkeley 


VW Rescue mission: Phase 1

We flew into Oakland, CA last week to rescue the V-Dub from storage... and since have been getting into all sorts of mayhem in in the past week here in beautiful California. We are doing our best to keep a photo-journal of our escapades. Without further ado...

The V-Dub shortly after rescue. Believe it or not this is a wall inside my storage facility. They call it the Oakland wall of fame and there is probably 100+ amazing pieces of graffiti art inside!

The Corn and I from atop a huge hill overlooking the Bay area.

A great example of the amazing vegetation California has to offer

Sun peeking between buildings in downtown San Francisco.

Corn looking super awkward amongst some shrubbery. 

Curly bark!!

Found this on the pier in the bay off Berkeley. 

Needless to say Corn had to wash his hair after this...